Sunday, November 13, 2011


Well we searched for the perfect apartment for 4 days. The first few were not ideal for us, we knew we wanted some room and somewhere we could walk around. The last apartment we saw was the one we knew we wanted. It had an OVEN (which in Spain is not common), was much less expensive and in a neighborhood we adored. We went to sign and we did not know what we were in for.

In the States, you put down a deposit and pay for your first months rent. Well we went into sign the contract knowing that, what we did not know is we also had to pay a fee to the agency for "showing" us the apartment. "Showing" is a loose term meaning, opening a door. We had a decision to make and slept on it overnight. We finally decided this would be the correct decision and therefor put down almost all of our summer savings in one day. This decision would prove to be wise one, and full of perks we, at the time, had no idea about.

Here our pictures of our new home. We made an Ikea run to make it feel like this place was ours.

 This is our living room!
 This is our bedroom, we both have a night stand which is wonderful.
 Here is our bathroom
And our closet. It is wonderful we each have our own side and plenty of room.

Our apartment is in The Centro, we are located very close to all the beautiful attractions Sevilla has to offer. We can see the top of the Cathedral from our roof top. It is about a 5 minute walk to the street Calle Sierpes, this street is every girls dream. There are shops everywhere. Austin says it is his worst nightmare. I enjoy window shopping and browsing to find the best deals.

We are about 15 minutes to the Cathedral and the Alcazar. We enjoy walking along this street to see the different performers and people watch.

Our schools are so close to home which is really wonderful. Austin and I each walk about 10 minutes to get to our schools. When we get out at the same time it is nice to meet up for a drink and talk about our day.

We are both so glad we made this decision together and are finally able to call our new apartment home.

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