Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cumpleaños en España!

So Austin and I celebrated our 23rd Birthdays here in Sevilla. We had to pay for many expenses and knew we wouldn't be able to get each other elaborate gifts. So we had to put some fun thought into each present.

To be honest, these little gifts are probably the one's we care about the most. I still had not been paid so we had to take that into account. We had tutoring classes and kept that extra money for little gifts to each other.

We live really near to a bakery here called Horno San Bruno. It is my ultimate goal to try each and every pastry before our adventure here is over. So far, we've had a pretty good amount.

On my birthday...back in October Austin woke me up to breakfast in bed. For a girl, that is so wonderful, no cooking breakfast in the morning and eating and talking with your best pal.

Here I am with my amazing donuts from the bakery, my favorite juice Bi Frutas, fresh flowers, and some yogurt. I was a happy camper even at 9 AM! 

Don't worry, Austin bought two donuts for himself. That is how good this bakery is. We sat in bed ate and talked about our activities for the day. 

With my sweet presents.
He knows me so well: ice cream and yummy treats are the way to my heart. 

Granted we didn't have the funds to get elaborate gifts we did go to the Alcazar which is the perfect gift itself. How many people can say they went to a Palace in Sevilla for their birthday? You can't put a price on gifts. We've learned that happiness and time spent with each other is the best gift we could ask for! Here are some pictures from the Alcazar, the views were breathtaking and the day was beautiful.

Austin turns 23! Austin is such an easy guy to get things for. Anything homemade and something that can fill his tummy are ways to his heart. He has been receiving many birthday letters that week so I took each one and hid it, so he could read them all on the 14th. 
 Here are his array of gifts and special cards from loved ones. We had to improvise on our gift wrapping this year. Usually I have many fun ribbons, tissue paper, and fun bags but we thought these were perfect. The cat bag is my personal favorite.
 Note the little cake: again it is from the bakery near our home. Austin picked this one out and I was fortunate enough to have a few bites, it was so good. We went back the next day to sample a different one.

 The Corte Ingles has everything. I found one of his favorite beverages, he finished the last one about a week ago. These were treasured in our household since they're hard to come by here. 
We went to dinner at his favorite place, Taberna Coloniales. They have so many different tapas to choose from. We left full and happy. 

We both had great birthdays and made some fun memories from each. We both decided to head to Barcelona as a joint birthday celebration with a few friends. We were able to see and got to do so much in Barcelona. The pictures and story are in two posts before this. 

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