Sunday, January 29, 2012

Not Your Average Day Trip!

Austin and I are loving living in Andalucia, Spain. We are in the Southern most tip of Spain. We are so lucky to have such easy transportation to various places. My favorite so far has been Ronda with a close second Cordoba.

Ronda is surrounded by mountains giving it a magical character. The entire town is situated amongst the mountain and you can see hills and greenery all around the city. I kept saying "Wowww!" about every few feet we went. The town was decorated with the Christmas lights and it was a much smaller city than Sevilla. We were able to walk everywhere and see almost everything.

We went across the bridge and had some pretty breathtaking views as well as scary ones. There were no railings going down the mountain. Austin is one who enjoys looking over and seeing new sights, I however get goosebumps and want to turn back around. We were able to snap some pretty neat pictures and found our way down to the waterfalls, what we found to be the road less traveled. There was nobody down there and you could hear the water, animals, and rustling of leaves. It was pure bliss and so relaxing, Austin and I were silent for about 15 minutes taking in the scenery, and if you know me....15 minutes is quite a long time. Here are some pictures from our little day trip...which was 14 Euro round trip and an hour and a half away! We are truly blessed.

 Downtown all decorated for Christmas.
 One of the first views we had of the city. So beautiful yet somewhat scary.

 The bridge. 
 Underneath there are a series of waterfalls which we discovered on our way down.

 Isn't this beautiful?
 One of the few things I did not enjoy. The lack of railing and Austin's curiosity in looking over.

 The waterfalls! I've never been this close to one before. It was beautiful

The last day trip we took was to Cordoba. We took the bullet train and arrived in 45 minutes. This town was an Iberian and Roman city in Ancient times. This city houses the beautiful Mezquita, which was once a Mosque and today is a Catholic Church. This church is beautiful, with colorful arches and such intricate detailing.
 The courtyard of the Mezquita.
 Inside, the arches go on for a long time. 

 It was dark inside, so I tried to get the detailing of the walls and ceiling.

 This is the Catholic portion of the church. Tall ceilings and white. 

We have had so much fun going on day trips and can't wait to visit more on the weekends we have left here in Spain.

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